Two Cities of Shadow

Day 1 (October 1st)

Today the clever Jin managed to recruit two adventurers to help find Davben’s lost daughter.
Layzor Gunn the Halfling Paladin and Adala the mysterious Bard.

Passage to Dagon’s Eye was difficult to find as much of the shipping that usually goes there has stopped due to strange happenings at sea. Jin started a bar fight in the Gull’s Beak, completely by accident of course. Tensions sparked, and a local captain decided to go despite the danger. The Dastardly Narwhal set sail on the morning tide.

A strange black mist set upon the Dastardly Narwal a few miles to port at Orsh. Strange creatures came out of the ocean and tried to sink the ship. Dazek was drowned by the beasts, and the rest of the party barely escaped with their lives. Layzor set the Dastardly Narwal ablaze before the party escaped on a life boat. The creatures now rest on the bottom of the sea.

The Party rowed for their life, through rough waters along the rocky shore of Dagon’s Eye. They found a shoreline cave, and inside a crypt.



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