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The port city of Orsh is many leagues to the East, on the Eye of Dagon, an island far from Davben’s Tower. Finding passage there would be difficult in the best of times, the port is a rumored haven of cutthroats and smugglers, and the spice merchants that stop there only do so with as many sell-sword guards as they can afford. Many come for Blackroot, a reagent that grows in the sea-cliff caverns dotted along Dagon’s Eye. When chewed, Blackroot causes fevered dreams and visions, pleasant at first but leaves the taker hollow and craving more after the sensation passes. Gangs have grown up wherever the Blackroot grows, and smugglers soon followed to sell it across the sea.

(Davben’s Daugther) Is a veiled sister of the Raven Queen, giving comfort to the sick on their way to her eternal embrace. The city is filled with the poor and sick, many wasting away from Blackroot consumption. The veiled sisterhood entomb the remains in the catacombs below the Raven Queen’s Temple that overlooks Orsh Harbor. She sends a raven each week to Daveben, but for a full turn of the moon no words have come. Rumors of a dark mist that swallows ships has begun circulating around the ports of trade, and Davben fears the worst.

You travel now, having found possibly the only ship bound for Orsh. The ship is rickety and old, as if it had just survived a vicious storm. The sails are torn and sewn again, and as you stand on desk you feel as if you were always leaning to one side. If you will ever make it to shore again, the Gods only know.

GM Reward Points

In order to encourage good play and consideration, a GM Reward Point system has been put in place. Points are given for playing in the spirit of the game, arriving on time, creative roll playing, getting pizza, etc.
Points can be spent at any time, though for item rewards play will not halt for thumbing through books.

1: +2 to any roll, before or after the die is cast.
2: Restore 1 LP or 1 SP

5: Restore all LP, SP, HP, and Powers
6: Magic Item off of wishlist (DM’s Choice)
7: Scroll of any ritual within 1d4 Levels
9: Magic Item of Player’s choice within 1d4 levels
10: Wish

Two Cities of Shadow

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